What is Spinal Fusion and How Can You Benefit?

Most people experience back pain from time to time. Typically caused by overexertion such as lifting a hefty object, it usually goes away with some rest and over the counter medications. Chronic back pain caused by several conditions can cause severe, lasting pain that requires medical intervention.

At the Orthopaedic Institute For Spinal Disorders, we understand that you want relief from your back pain with treatment options that are low-risk and effective. Dr. Jose E. Rodriguez-Cordova is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with many years of experience providing his patients with treatments to help them move without pain.  Dr. Rodriguez-Cordova offers spinal fusion on the cervical and lumbar spine for severe back pain that doesn’t improve with more conservative treatments.

What is spinal fusion?

Your spinal cord is protected by a series of small bones called vertebrae. These bones are stacked on top of each other, and your spinal cord runs through the middle of them. The vertebrae are separated from one another by intervertebral discs, small pillows of tissue that prevent the bones from rubbing together.

Spinal fusion is a type of surgery used to treat severe back pain. During the procedure, two or more of your vertebrae are fused using a bone graft. This procedure permanently eliminates motion between the vertebrae that is causing pain. The spinal fusion procedure also increases spinal stability by decreasing movement in your spine.

Spinal fusion is a significant procedure that is only recommended when other simpler treatment options are not successful. To complete a spinal fusion, the source of your pain must be precisely located. Dr. Rodriguez-Cordova orders diagnostic tests if needed, such as MRI or x-rays, to determine the exact cause of your pain.

What can spinal fusion treat?

There are many back conditions that cause significant pain or spinal instability, which can be successfully treated with a spinal fusion. These include:

Spinal fusion can correct deformities, instability, and motion in the spine that is causing pain. Dr. Rodriguez-Cordova carefully examines you, orders needed diagnostic tests, and reviews your medical treatment history before determining whether spinal fusion would be appropriate for you.

How can you benefit?

Spinal fusion prevents two or more of your vertebrae from rubbing against each other. The vertebrae are fused during a surgical procedure using a bone graft. This procedure decreases your pain and also increases stability in your spine. This procedure can allow you to move again without experiencing severe back pain.

Although medications and therapies can provide relief from back pain, spinal fusion is a much more effective treatment option that offers lasting relief from persistent pain and spinal instability. Although a spinal fusion procedure requires surgery, sometimes it can be offered as a minimally-invasive procedure that requires much smaller incisions, fewer risks, and reduced recovery time.

Although everyone has back pain from time to time, it usually goes away with some rest and over the counter medications. Chronic back pain is severe and lasting and requires medical intervention to find relief. Spinal fusion, though only recommended when other treatment options have been exhausted, can provide relief.

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